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Titan 575

This is Titan 575 Truck Mount Built By HydraMaster Inc.

A powerful 3 cylinder, 32 horse power Kubota Engine powers this Titan 575. This is a new truck mount that was obtained for QACC, compliments of Hydramaster, inc. This cleaning machine is at the peak of what a truck mount should be in terms of power, suction, heat, & technology for the carpet cleaning industry.

Our business philosophy is simple. Spend the money and buy the best equipment available to get the job done right the first time. This eliminates excess down time, huge maintenance costs, repeat jobs, and long lists of needless excuses to customers. We are living in a fast pace society these days and most people have a lot of responsibilities with jobs and families. They don’t have time to wait on someone with failing, old, leaky equipment that can barely get the dirt off the floor, leaving it soaking wet; which can also lead to moldy odor issues. Well, I am here to tell you that this truck mount can measure up to the expectations of a client who expects a professional cleaning done with excellence and lasting results on their carpets, tile, and upholstery. It can pull up to 12 inches of mercury with it’s Competitor™ 4007 Tri-Lobe blower, pulling over 400+ CFM. This may sound like Greek to most, but in plain English, this means that it can get the job done right and leave the carpets lightly moist to dry in just a couple of hours. Another fine aspect of this machine is that it can do an outstanding job of tile cleaning, using hot detergents heated to 230 degrees and sprayed down with a special tile cleaning wand (SX12) at 1200psi. This has had many proven results, getting even to grimiest tile and grout clean and lightly moist after the job has completed. Yet, I can turn the temperatures and pressure down to get gentle cleaning done on delicate fabrics, such as upholstery textiles; with outstanding results and a lasting, pleasant fragrance, to dry in just a couple of hours. I have achieved excellent results using this business philosophy and have retained the confidence and good word of my clients, who expect an excellent cleaning job for money well spent on their expensive assets.

Want To See This Titan 575 Operating??

Quality Assurance Carpet Care also does emergency water clean up jobs. This one client woke up to find one of the rooms connected to her garage A/C unit and had been leaking condensation water for a couple of days and it had soaked into the carpet of a spare bedroom and made it’s way out into the hall way. She called QACC and I was able to extract all the water out of the bedroom and hallway. The carpet was dry and pleasant smelling the next day. See Post For Details & Pics!

Rotovac Heads

We have two Rotovac cleaning heads. One for doing regular carpet cleaning and one with a brush for heavy duty carpet cleaning. The Rotovac does an outstanding job, when compared to a regular cleaning wand: it leaves old standard wand in the dust. I just use a regular cleaning wand to get dirt out of corners and other hard to reach areas that the Rotovac heads cannot reach easily now. 

Both heads do an outstanding job, no matter how dirty your carpet has gotten. The head with brush is used on filthy carpets that have a lot of stains with outstanding results! However, because of the increase of time and chemicals needed for heavy duty cleaning, the price is going to be higher per square foot.


QACC uses the best chemicals available to get the job done right. Using the right chemicals and in the correct proportions can unleash excellent results when cleaning.

Our technicians are highly trained  to use them correctly and proportionally, according to their given directions and purposes.


Left to Right: Stair Wand, Rotovac 360i, Vacuum, Regular Wand, and The SX-12 Tile Wand

TruckMount Interior

This is the inside of the box truck and on the far left side is a 110 gallon fresh water tank, a 100 gallon, the blue extraction tank for the dirty water, and of course, the truck mount side view.

If your water is not running, then this fresh water tank can keep cleaning operations going for hours. However, I will need the electricity to be turned on in order to see the carpet and run the Rotovac 360i.

If you are in need of getting carpet, upholstery, or tile cleaning done, don’t hesitate to call!