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QACC Cleans Oriental Rugs


Whether it is an expensive wool rug, a synthetic fiber rug with a border running around it, or a cheap runner at the front door or in the foliar, QACC can get these cleaned up and deodorized for you, even if the rug has pet urine in them. See our Pet Odor Elimination Program for more information about this very effective process!

We can save you a ton of money over more expensive oriental rug cleaning businesses.  Get a quote from us and compare it around and I think you will be surprised.

FAQ: So what do you charge to clean these?

There is no standard charge because there are So many variations in size, content, & quality.  Give a call and we can come out and give you a written quote for cleaning them, which is good for 12 months. I can say that we will give you a very reason able rate anywhere from $15 for a small 3×5 rug all the way up to $50 for a much larger rug.
You can send us a picture of it and we can give you a rough estimate via text, but it is best to just call us.

FAQ: What cleaning process do you use to get area rugs cleaned?

The hot water extraction cleaning or “Steam Cleaning” method, which in our opinion, works the best! Each rug is gone over thoroughly with a standard wand, rinse, and deodorizer for best results. If there is stubborn grime, grease, and even gum stuck to the carpet, this can be easily removed using a grease and gum spotter chemical.

FAQ: Can you get ink stains out of an expensive oriental carpet?

The answer to this is complicated because there are So many types of ink out on the open markets, the type of carpet fibers used in the rug, and whether the oriental rug was hand made using natural fibers like wool or cotton or machine made with synthetic fibers.

Generally speaking, our answer is probably a NO to this question though. Most of the time, ink will not come out unless harsher chemicals and faders are used. The problem here is that these can cause color bleeding or fading on the oriental patterns and we don’t want to risk damaging the colors further, esp if it was an expensive carpet.

It would be best to take it to a place that specializes in repairing damaged oriental rugs, like Radican’s in Tulsa, OK.

FAQ: Do you clean silk rugs or viscose?

No! These are very delicate fibers that really should be dry cleaned.  Best to take these to a business that specializes in cleaning silk and viscose.

FAQ: Do you clean wool rugs?

Yes, we clean wool rugs all the time and they clean up beautifully.  We use wool friendly chemicals to clean them up and highly recommend that stain guard be used to help prevent permanent food related stains.  See our Stain Guard Page for more details about this.