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Urine Spot Extraction Work

What can you do about urine soaking onto the carpet and even down into  the padding areas and substrate? We can solve this problem for you!

Urine smells bad and yet you may be too embarrassed to mention it to anyone, even if it is not your fault??  You have to deal with this problem right away or it could become a health hazard, which can affect yourself or other family members?  What do you do about this issue? Who can you talk too? How do you get rid of the odor permanently?

Not to worry! QACC has the chemicals, expertise, and experience in dealing with these issues, whether it is from a dog, a cat, or even from a human being.  We can sanitize the affected areas, extract the urine from the carpet and the padding, and clean the affected areas afterwards.  After this procedure is complete, it is like it never happened.  We can even back it up with a 7 day odor free guaranty.  Here is how we do it.

The pictures seen are heavy urine and diareah spots that got poured onto the carpet areas and even soaked down into the padding beneath.

The first thing we did was to saturate these areas heavily with our professional grade urine neutralizer, which sanitizes and eliminates any urine and feces odor causing source it comes in contact with.   The photos to the left were taken after the urine neutralizer was applied to the affected areas.

We let the urine neutralizer do it’s job for about 15-20 minutes and then extracted as much of the fluids out as possible with a spot extractor as seen in the video below.  This procedure is like taking a wet stinky sponge (the carpet & padding), filling it full of disinfectant, and then ringing it out. We then cleaned the area with a rotovac and a brush head, leaving it clean with a pleasant fragrance.  This extraction work saved the client thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

FAQ: How long does this take to dry?

Unlike a typical carpet cleaning, the carpet and the padding get wet and thus will take longer to dry.  Typically about 12-24 hours depending on moisture saturation in the air.  We ring the carpet areas as dry as we can with the spot extractor and the also rotovac and turn the fan and heat/A/C on, thus expediting the drying process.

FAQ: What if I smell odor within the 7 days? What should I do?

After you have used our odor elimination service and chemicals and you still smell urine odor within 7 days, it maybe possible that there is an area we overlooked? Where the urine neutralizer did not come in contact with urine salts or some urine salt residue left in the padding? Again, this is not an exact science, but worry not!

Do not try to treat the problem yourself though.  Please call us and we will come back, re-examine the affected areas, and take measures to re-treat the areas.  It maybe just a matter of spraying a post topical urine neutralizer and raking it into the carpet fibers or actually having to re-saturate the affected areas with more urine neutralizer and re-extracting.  This may happen if the areas in question were heavily saturated with urine to begin with. Whatever the procedure, we will work on it until the odor is reasonably eliminated.

FAQ: I used vinegar and scrubbed the carpet to get the urine odor out, but now, all I smells is vinegar and urine and it smells horrible?  Does vinegar even work?

No! This is a myth! All vinegar does is mask the odor with it’s own strong scent.  Vinegar is an acid based substance that is used for cooking and not sanitizing and resolving this problem on a molecular level. Consequently, vinegar and water will make the problem even worse and not better.  Why? Because in doing this, you will end up resaturating the infected areas with more water and actually expanding the problem out.

  These chemicals we use were developed by chemists with big degrees and proved to work by the carpet cleaning industry for years.  Let QACC resolve this problem for you the first time! Spend the money and get the problem fixed.

Give us a call and we can come and give you our recommendations a free quote for your particular situation.