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Property Owner Wants Tile Cleaning Miracles!

Broken Arrow, OK

This client owns a lot of properties around the Tulsa area and wants them to look very well kept up for his new rental tenants moving in. One of his concerns was that
the kitchen, washer, and bathroom tiled areas looked really dirty after the last tenant had moved out and was wondering how clean I could get this tile & grout for his new tenants? Here are before and after pictures showing the results of this tile cleaning process we use. It took about an hour to get the kitchen and two bathrooms done. The pictures are of the kitchen and washer areas. Needless to say, he was very pleased with the results of this work and said he will definitely be calling me again. You cannot achieve these same results on your knees with a scrub bush and a bucket for hours. Get the results you can be proud of in a couple of hours!