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Whether you are a home owner or business wanting a regular maintenance cleaning or just a renter looking to get their deposit back, you can count on QACC to be there on time and get the grime out so that the carpet will look new and smell fresh again. You deserve the best and we have the expertise, equipment, and chemicals to get this done right the first time. We use the hot water extraction cleaning method or Steam Cleaning to achieve optimal results.

 What Is Included With Each Cleaning?

Using a high powered truck mounted cleaning machine, with a detergent rinse, and a light deodorizer (with some disinfectant properties) to remove the grime, grease, germs, and everyday traffic dirt, we can restore your carpet to a clean and deodorized condition that will amaze you! Unlike home shampoo machines and clunky, leaky rentals; our equipment and rinses contain NO soap residues, which can quickly attract dirt and grime.  Our top of the line spotter chemicals can even remove those stubborn grease, grime, food, and even some types of ink colored stains.

We can move light furniture, clean underneath it, and put it back the way you want it to look. With the A/C and fans running, the carpet will be dry again and ready to walk on within a few hours.

FAQ: Do You Include Stain guard with every carpet cleaning?

Stain guard is not included in a standard carpet cleaning, but we can provide this service at an extra cost. See our Stain Guard Page for further details.

FAQ: Does Carpet Cleaning Eliminate Pet Odor?? 

A standard carpet cleaning alone will not completely eliminate pet odors including urine, fecies, vomit, or even pet dander.  Though the carpet may clean for a day or so, those pet odors will come back.

However, QACC does provide Pet Deodorization Services and chemicals at an extra cost and these services can be combined with the carpet cleaning process. Please see our Pet Odor Elimination Page for more details about this very effective process of odor elimination.