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Water Damage Restoration Services

We know that occasionally accidents do happen, ie A/C Condensation Leaks, water pipe breaks, dishwasher, and toilet over flow into other areas, and so on. We offer a very affordable approach to this problem by charging much less than most Restoration Companies and usually work under your deductible for small jobs. Our equipment is outstanding and we can get the areas of carpet dried up within a 24-72 hour time frame. However, we do limit our water damage restoration services to carpet, padding, and hard service floor areas.

This couple called us about an A/C condensation leak that flooded out their guest bedroom.  When they got home, this is what they found! So they called QACC and we came out and assessed the extent of the water overflow into the carpet and padding areas.  

We immediately went into action and had them shut off the A/C until they could get a company out to fix this.  Then we got to work extracting all of the condensation water up with our high powered truck mounted machine, which can extract the water out of the padding without having to pull up the carpet and put blowers underneath the it.

If the flooding is really bad, this isn’t a problem. We can still get the water up and bring in industrial dehumidifyers, along with fans, that are designed to dry up the environment within 24-36 hours. Fortunately, for this couple, the flooding wasn’t that bad and we got it completely dried and deodorized up by the next day.

If you have a water flood emergency, call us for availability and we will make every attempt to get out to your residence within 24 hours to take care of business.